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Cary Morin and Ghost Dog

This is a video of "Nobody Gotta Know" by Cary Morin at New West Fest 2019

Jesse Kinch - "Masami" Drum Cover

Jordan performing drums over a live recording of "Masami" by Jesse Kinch

El Ron - Catch at the Mishawaka Open Jam

Jordan Performing on the song "El Ron" with Catch, the Mishawaka Open Jam House Band.

Rise Against - "Give it All" Drum Cover

This is a drum cover I recorded of the song, "Give it All" by the band Rise Against

Janani - "He Laughs"

I performed drums for the recording of this composition by Janani Suresh.

Radio Paila - "Pablo"

This is a music video that was shot for the band "Radio Paila" I performed the drums on the studio recording, and was a part of the music video.

Nick's Boogie

In this video, I performed drums on this original composition by Nick Reczek. We recorded it for Jacob Achorn's music production project at Berklee.

"For Spanky" Drum Cover

This is a video I recorded for "The Self-Produced Drummer" class at Berklee College of Music

Drum Solo

This is a recording project that I did for the "Self Produced Drummer" class at Berklee to gain experience recording drums and syncing them to video.

Unreasonable Human - " We Are All Guilty"

This was a music video that I performed in for the band Unreasonable Human.

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